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The opening up new markets for SATCOM On-the-Move (SOTM) applications; The more global coverage and bandwidth, and the power to deliver greater capacity to smaller terminals to keep the connectivity and links for the use of wide band satellite frequencies (S, L, C, X, Ku, Ka).

To provide high bandwidth services on land, at sea, and in the air, Genmix focus is on satellite communication solutions that support high linear power, solid state reliability, low power consumption, and compact packaging from linear power levels of 5W and higher including wideband frequency up/down converters, wideband low and high solid state power amplifiers, transceivers, LNBs, wideband driver modules, and various waveguide power combining technologies.

  • High Power BUC for Out-Door and In-Door
  • High Power Amplifier
  • Transceiver / Block Up Converters / Block Down Converters
  • LNBs
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