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The Industrial RF and Microwave Systems covering from ultra low frequencies to mmWave are widely used nowadays. The RF Systems and sub Modules for Industrial Processing such as Food industries, Medical Equipments, Semiconductor’s manufacturing Equipments, and RF Test Equipments are very unique and required very high reliabilities and qualities.

Genmix delivers RF Systems for superior performance and high reliability, customizing and designed to provide our Industrial customers such as Medical, Food, Manufacturing and Test Equipments for semiconducts

  • EMI/EMC Ultra Wide Band Amplifiers
  • Test Equipments UltraWide Band Transceiver (500MHz to 8GHz / 6 to 24GHz / 24 to 53GHz )
  • Medical and Food Processing
  • Mobile Hot Spot Communications (High Speed Train/ Subway/ Public WiFi)
  • General RF modules ( Up/Down Converters, Amplifiers, Local Oscillators, Filters)
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